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A virtual assistant is a person who receives and processes incoming calls and messages, then forwarding information to the director or other managers. Using this service, you are informed of all significant events and have the possibility to give prompt instructions to the officer responsible for this or that domain (based in remote locations), answer calls and forward messages.

The remote office presents the following opportunities:

  • direct dial number and international numbers (if necessary);
  • setting of the voice menu (IVR);
  • voicemail recording;
  • switching calls to your mobile or other numbers;
  • training and certification of operators in your project;
  • answering the incoming calls from clients according to the agreed schedule, including the possibility of the twenty-four-hour work schedule on your project;
  • immediate notification of the incoming orders: by e-mail, Skype, SMS, mobile communication or by other means as agreed;
  • total transparency: statistics on the calls received, their recording and detailed report on each of the calls.

Furthermore, the contact center has no lunch breaks, weekends or holidays. Working 24/7, not a single call is missed. This is especially important while dealing with partners, for example, when the difference in time prevents normal exchange of information, documents or calls. Also a virtual secretary means the absence of problems with vacations, sick and maternity leaves.

Remote secretary is especially useful for those business representatives, who care about their corporate image and want to position themselves as responsible and intelligent person.

The service of Virtual assistant creates an effective filter for all incoming information. You may be sure: no call, no byte of information is missed. Virtual Office will take them to process and forward to you or any of your employees.


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