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Telemarketing (or telesales) is an effective way of phone sales. For the first time it was introduced in the middle of 20-th century and nowadays it hasn’t lost its significance. Telesales has turned into a special sort of art and its growing popularity only proves this fact.

Telemarketing is mainly focused on information distribution about your product and services to new and existing customers. It deals with client attraction and retention, as well as gathering feedback from them.

Being an efficient tool of marketing, telesales requires a well-build strategy and a considerable amount of time. We offer to our partners a high-quality communication with customers on phone. Leave us all cold calls and presentation of your products, and we will make sure that your employees are engaged only in contract conclusion, passing in your hands only those clients who are willing to cooperate.

Before the start of each project we carry out an adaptation of the prepared script and make 10-15 free calls to evaluate the approximate performance of the project. We are interested in long-term cooperation, aiming to achieve the maximum results from work, so that you can get the desired effect.

There are several more methods of promoting your product, such as contextual advertising or SEO-tools. But compared to them, telemarketing has a number of significant benefits:

  • direct live communication with a potential client that allows you to adapt quickly the communication scheme according to the customer’s needs and answer all the arising questions;
  • timely adjust the customer base, identifying the potential customer segment, the possibility of a personalized offers based on the client's interests;
  • it does not take much effort and time and does not require significant financial expenses.

This type of services allows you to spend your time and money rationally. As a result – your demand and sales rates grow up and the level of customer loyalty increases.


only $775

Ideal solution for small, medium and large businesess. 

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