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Quality of customer service is one of the most important factors of competitiveness for any type of industry. High level of service increases the number of regular customers and creates a positive image for the company, which leads to a sales growth.

In order to ensure the best quality of customer service in your company, we are ready to offer you a complex assessment, called Quality Control Service, which with a help of several strategies carries out a competitive intelligence and provides you with a detailed report on the performance of your employees.

How does the competitive intelligence work?

Quality of Service research is conducted by a group of experts in various areas: actors, psychologist, analyst, etc. Quality control is organized by the professionals in their field. As a general rule, for the creation of a full and comprehensive picture, a few methods are used:

  • “Secret shopper” is one of the most popular and widespread strategies for service control. In the course of such inspection “buyers” address the managers in person or on the phone. This scenario is complicated by non-standard problems and issues that employees of the company face, while dealing with a “capricious customer”.
  • Without arranging any provocative situations, the representative of the quality control service for some period is observing the work of managers in standard working conditions.
  • Studying of the competitors’ quality of service aimed at discovering their weak sides.

The competitive intelligence can helps to reveal:

  • how well your employees follow the work schedule and whether records of delays and interruptions is kept;
  • to which extent your employees are focused on increasing the income of the company: analysis of their marketing strategy, sales promotion, etc.;
  • the level of employees preparation to work in the position held, exploring their knowledge of products, sales and discounts;
  • whether your employees suit to work with people: experts estimate their friendliness, sociability, openness and willingness for dialogue.

         Timely conducting the quality control with a help of our service, you get only reliable and independent information about the situation in your company related to communication with the clients. The analysis of the positive and negative aspects of managers’ work allows you to determine necessary measures to restore full operation of the company. For example, you may be advised to shift some workers, impose additional sanctions or benefits and to order a social video.


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