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Order taking is a complex service, which is provided to firms and companies of various businesses. The work is performed by the manager (if necessary, a group of managers) who accepts orders over the phone. All calls received from customers, are registered as an application, which, together with the contacts of the caller is redirected to the company of the customer.

This service includes:

  • Conducting telephone conversations of various kinds: motivational, advertising, informational, etc.
  • Receiving and processing orders.
  • Formation and supervising of customer database, gathering information about your potential and existing customers.
  • Providing client communication with your firm, as well as the delivery service.
  • Online chat support.
  • The department, dealing with the phone contacts with customers, often has to work on the promotion in social networks.

When ordering this service you get the following benefits:

  • telephone conversations are recorded, that allows an effective monitoring and control of managers’ work. If necessary, the form and content of the conversation can be corrected. Furthermore, the results of monitoring reports will be presented to you in a convenient format;
  • operator receiving orders over the phone is trained specifically for your product or service. You may have no doubts about manager’s competence and reliability of the information, which is given to the client. All managers are focused on positive results and productive conversation that works on the company's image;
  • your employees are free from the constant telephone communication, which improves the overall performance of the company;
  • all calls are available in a hotline mode through the given multichannel number, calls for your customers will be completely free, which significantly affects the image of the company and ensures stability in sales.

Automation of order taking is an important task in dealing with the issue of accepting orders. Receiving and processing orders is a range of services in which the remote manager for order processing will take all calls coming from customers, which will increase confidence in the company and reduce maintenance costs.


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