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An easy and effective way to get the feedback from the target audience is to use a customer survey service.

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Customer polling is aimed at detecting consumer’s needs and expectations, their level of satisfaction and interest in regard to already existing or upcoming products and services.

Telephone interviews with the representatives of your target audience supply information about customers’ awareness of the product, tell them about new goods and services, campaigns and promotions carried out by your company. There is also a possibility to conduct telephone calls to debtors and update the existing database.

Surveys and polls are effective and beneficial tools for obtaining information about target audience, its needs concerning your goods or services. A telephone survey, held by our contact center, provides you with the following opportunities:

  • to process quickly a large number of contacts;
  • to create of detailed customer base according to the set criteria;
  • to increase employees’ productivity due to removal from their duties an obligation of making hundreds of phone calls;
  • to obtain an assessment of company activity from direct customers or partners.

Having ordered a telephone survey service, you may be sure that as a result of this work you will receive only relevant data allowing you to increase your sales significantly. At your request we will provide you all the reporting on keeping the customer base. Quality control is conducted by the supervisors using on-line statistics of communication platform. We are monitoring the milestones of the operators work: time in the mode “call waiting”, subscriber connection, time in “break”, as well as listening to calls, prompt correction of content, form or logic of the call (if necessary).

So, knowing all customer preferences, as well as having information about your competitors, you can promptly respond to the slightest changes in the market. Control and monitoring from the customer’s side, helps solve all the arising disputes and leads to the aimed results.


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